Dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon

Portrait photo of Dr. Anthony Rossi, founder of Dr. Rossi DERM MD.

Dr. Anthony Rossi is a board-certified dermatologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. One of the most sought-after surgeons and laser experts in the field of dermatology, he is internationally recognized for his pioneering research and clinical work. Motivated by his work with thousands of recovering cancer patients, with extremely sensitive skin, at the United States’ premiere cancer hospital, Dr. Rossi spent years searching for the most effective age-defying care until he discovered that combatting skin sensitization is a ground-breaking way to prevent and treat visible signs of premature aging. It was his dedication to healing skin and improving his patients’ quality of life that fueled a desire to extend care beyond his practice and create an entirely new approach to skincare for all people regardless of age, gender identity, complexion, or level of skin sensitivity.

Since founding Dr. Rossi DERM MD®, Dr. Rossi continues his clinical and research dermatologic practice, dedicated to effectively addressing both the cosmetic and medical skin concerns of his patients.