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Growing up in a family of artists, Dr. Anthony Rossi was raised with an eye for beauty and a passion for design. Today, he applies that artistry in his dermatology practice at New York City’s leading cancer hospital, where he welcomes patients from all over the world who seek Dr. Rossi’s advice, discerning eye, novel research, precise surgical expertise, and groundbreaking non-invasive treatments.

Portrait photo of Dr. Anthony, founder of Dr. Rossi DERM MD, seated on a stool and facing the camera, wearing a light grey suit with a white collared shirt, set against a pink and blue background.

The Origin

Starting in 2010, Dr. Rossi noticed that patients of all races, ages, and genders increasingly showed signs of skin sensitivity, irritation, and premature aging, prompting him to research the trend’s causes. Soon, his work focused on TRPV1, a receptor protein found in the epidermis. When you burn your finger on a flame, it’s the TRPV1 that signals the sensory nerve cells to feel heat and pain.

Dr. Rossi found that TRPV1 receptors are often unnecessarily triggered which can lead to increased sensitivity and the overproduction of an enzyme known to destroy collagen in the skin.

The Collection

These scientific discoveries together with his belief that skincare should be universal drove Dr. Rossi to envision medical-grade formulas for people of all genders, ages, and races that would target the root cause of skin sensitivity and premature aging without harsh additives, irritants, or chemical fillers.

It was an entirely novel concept that only Dr. Rossi could have imagined.

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Photo of Dr. Rossi DERM MD skincare collection packaging on white background, from left to right: The Catalyst serum black bottle, The Purifier cleanser black bottle, The Solution essence black bottle, The Eye Cure black jar, and The Night Synthesis jar.



Use only premium, efficacious ingredients, omitting known sensitizers, irritants, and allergens.


Clinically prove the formulas deliver extraordinary results on sensitive skin.


Use valid, scientific methods throughout the entire development process.

The Result

Dr. Rossi DERM MD® is the culmination of Dr. Rossi’s research and vision. With this new, curated line of highly effective formulas, you can achieve younger-looking, visibly smoother and more evenly toned skin, while helping calm sensitivity and irritation.